Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Has Anyone Seen Our Balls? Part II

Before we use Part I of this series ( as the basis for an anti-feminist rant on the secret agenda of Hillary, Steinem, Oprah and the rest of the crew, consider an even more alarming trend.  Women not only have a casual attitude about castration regarding their pets and their men, but also about themselves (and this can be tragic on a profoundly human level).

Ms. Magazine Actually Agrees With Us!

It pains us to do this, more than you can imagine, but we’re going to have to cite (positively!) an investigation from none other than Ms. Magazine in support of this idea.

The key findings of this study? Over 70% of hysterectomies are unnecessary.  While some women do experience relief from pain, health improvements and other safeguards from removal of the uterus, many more than this do not, and in fact, the procedure increases health risks in more areas than it avoids in the long run.  Finally, a common side effect of hysterectomy is loss of ability to orgasm, reduced libido, and/or greatly reduced intensity of orgasm.  It’s hotly debated exactly what percentage of women this occurs in but one of the most anti-hysterectomy organizations (the HERS foundation) puts the number at 54% for loss of orgasm, 66% for loss of sexual desire, and those numbers bump up 10-15% when loss of the ovaries or loss of ovarian function occurs with hysterectomy (which happens in about half of all hysterectomies in the US).

The most shocking finding according to Ms.’s author (Frances Whittlesey)?  Women, by and large, don’t seem to care much. Where’s the Outrage, as she asks in her title?  Ms. Whittlesey points out, “Can you imagine this sort of silence if a doctor threatened to remove the male testicles without a life threatening reason?”.  No, we can’t in fact, which is probably why we still have our testicles, however much trouble they keep getting us into, whatever the pain, and however much you’d all like to remove them for your own piece of mind and the benefit of the planet.

Forty years after the groundbreaking publication of Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch, it seems some things have changed but much more hasn’t.  The most disturbing fact and what Greer missed?  Men aren’t the ones most in favor of castration, of men or women.  What women do to dogs, for reasons of behavior modification, not overpopulation, they’d like to do to men if they could.  And don’t expect much outrage or sympathy if you point this out to them.  They’re even more merciless to their own kind, why should they feel sorry for you?

Next Up:  Does Either Presidential Candidate Still Have His Balls?

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