Monday, April 26, 2010

Sandra Bullock: Do Women Pay a Price for Power? Prince of Swine Roundtable

Q: Everybody knows the story by now, what do you think? Sandra Bullock, latest example of the price women pay for power?

MT (writer/director): It’s just like the movie, men are rewarded for money and power sexually and women get punished for it, that’s what the latest real life episode says to me. Most of the powerful women I know in Hollywood are very much socially isolated, whereas when a guy gets power, the world is his oyster.

Dede Richardson (UCLA coordinator/Prince of Swine): I don’t know if that's true. A lot of women, powerful or not, have trouble with men, newsflash, the opposite sex can be trouble. It’s no different for men, look how much trouble surrounds women in Prince of Swine, it’s Pandora’s Box, I know that’s the first thing you think of when you think of women –

MT: Well –

DR: Besides sex.

MT: Yeah, trouble would be close to the top. That’s not a complete list though: sex and trouble, though it’s probably true, you can enjoy a lot of things about women and stay out of trouble as long as you don’t have sex –

Q: Getting back to Sandra Bullock –

DR: He would have cheated on her whether she was a Minnesota housewife or the Oscar winning actress that she is. The preoccupation people have with assessing what the woman did to cause her husband to cheat is laughable. When a woman cheats, no one looks at the man and assesses where he went wrong. It’s all on her, as it should be, but the double standard is that it isn’t that way when men cheat, especially if he cheats on a successful woman.

MT: But there’s an element of punishment to it too, men don’t like it when women are more powerful and successful than them –

DR: That’s an excuse. If you have a problem with her success then it’s your problem.

MT: Chill thyself woman, it is not my problem, I didn't cheat on Sandra Bullock. And the women in my movie are very powerful, I’m surrounded by powerful women, they run my life, I prefer that actually, women are better managers. This is just something that happens to powerful women, I didn't say it was their fault. Look at Madonna, she’s the most powerful woman in the world, and you constantly see that, guys treating her like crap, that’s very common, I know so many successful women in Hollywood, utterly powerless in their personal lives –

DR: Guys treat powerless women like crap too. Cheating is something men do if they think they can get away with it –

MT: That is actually true, you’ve got to speak to your guy firmly, like a dog, leave no room for doubt, no wiggle room, “Bad! Bad dog. You will not do this.”

DR: Cheat, and no treat for you.

MT: That’s what I tell my sisters about men. Lose all this romantic horse manure and realize men are dogs, and then you’ll be happy, and so will your guy. If you train and reward your dog right, he will obey – women love dogs, I see women out in Runyon Canyon all the time, walking their dogs, they seem very happy. And they’re learning lessons on how to handle men too.

Q: The moral of this story: Ladies, invest in obedience training.

MT: And you have to give him a treat too -

DR: Can’t be all whips and leashes?

MT: I’m not even going there.

Q: For the sake of diplomacy, let’s say it’s best to use a carrot and stick approach.

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